The immediate neighbourhood consists of family homes nestled behind well-established landscaping with minimal connection to the street. The proposed design will aim at being neighbourly in scale and endeavour to re-establish the connection and characteristics of a more traditional streetscape.


Pitched roofs repeat the traditional lines of the existing building and echo the conventional vernacular of the street. Alternating slope to both ridges creates a contemporary twist on the familiar pitched roof. The lower sloped roof above the garage doors provides a separation between the two predominant masses.


Vertical multi-width cedar boards cover the entire building. The geometric whimsy of the rooflines is accentuated by the strong consistent vertical cladding. The 14" thick Passive House compliant walls exaggerate the depth of all fenestration. Passive House certified windows recessed into deeper than usual walls accentuate the crisp definition of negative space in the mono cladding by not using trim boards.


Passive House
Acorn Inspired Beach Drive

location Victoria Bc

Design Edda Creative